I’m back

Name is Phelelisani Moyo, long name so am known and go by Sani Moyo. I started blogging in 2008 but my sites went with the recession.

I am currently living in South Africa, this blog aims to give you my insights into all happenings in beautiful SalsaFrica, from Celebs to Politics. Am a self confessed geek so they will be tons of Tech News and analysis.

I spent my formative youth years in England (Hastings, Sedlescombe to be exact) and Germany (Bremen, border of St Magnus and Vegesack) so though primarily aimed at South Africans these blog will not ignore the international community and news.

You can read a bit about me at Pestalozzi, that organization changed my life. I am also working on an educational charity, education is the key.

An avid entrepreneur I will from time to time throw at you some interesting products. I have in the pipeline affordable and reliable internet access, webhosting and software that you actually need.

Most of all I hope you find these blog interesting, engaging and informative. You can follow me on twitter at @sanimoyo.

Happy reading :).


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