Monaco Royal Wedding, a cold ‘feeted’ celebration embroiled in scandal

The wedding of Monaco’s Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock will be a celebratory event, but it’s also a high point among a number of tragedies and scandals that have beset the principality’s ruling family.

Recent report that the discovery of a third love child had led to the bride to be, Charlene Wittstock developing cold feet, attempting to flee for South Africa and her passport being confiscated by French police have been validated by the respected French newspaper Le Figaro reporting: “This speculation has been given credibility by the indiscretions of the Monaco police.

“Last Sunday, one among their number revealed that his colleagues had intercepted the future princess at Nice airport because she wanted to leave. According to this officer, the young lady’s passport was taken.”

Seems logical on the face of it, the wedding set to cost $60 million and including a star studded guest list that includes, France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy, several European, Middle Eastern and African kings and princes, fashion designers Karl Lagerfeld and Giorgio Armani (who designed the brides dress), supermodel Naomi Campbell, former James Bond actor Roger Moore and Virgin boss Richard Branson.

The celebrations kicked off last night with a rock concert that featured The Eagles whose hit ‘Hotel California’ ironically includes the lyrics “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!”.

Prince Albert, 53, will marry Wittstock, 33, in a 40-minute civil ceremony at the Palace on Friday and their union will be solemnised in a public Catholic ceremony in the Palace’s main courtyard on Saturday.

The wedding is expected to be the biggest event Monaco has seen since the 1965 wedding of Albert’s mother, Hollywood star Grace Kelly, and father Prince Rainier.

The courtship has survived revelations of the former playboy princes love children. Prince Albert’s first illegitimate child is Jazmin, 19, whose mother is Tamara Rotolo, a U.S. estate agent. His second, Alexandre, seven, was born to former air hostess Nicole Coste, from Togo. None of these children have claim to the throne.

Commentators have stated that unlike Kate Middleton, former Olympic backstroke swimmer Charlene Wittstock will not have it easy adjusting to royal life since she had a working class upbringing and didn’t attend posh schools.

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One Comment on “Monaco Royal Wedding, a cold ‘feeted’ celebration embroiled in scandal”

  1. […] the negative tone. With the scandalous rumors that have been doing the rounds, I expected the bride to bolt at the alter. It would have been sad […]

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