Online Privacy and your digital debris

American Congressman Anthony Weiner’s sexual tweets, (that cost him his reputation) should remind us all how close our digital existences put us to disaster.

We should realise that our online activities remain ours and private only when they exist in our heads and not when put in digital form.

If I had lived in the 1960s my existence after I had died, would probably have been fragments in the minds of those who had loved me, faded pictures and a few letters I would have written.

In this day and age however our thoughts and actions are littered across the digital landscape. Everyway we go we leave a pile of debris that if we are not careful will topple over us, taking our reputation and careers to Neverland.

I have blogged about how Social Media Corp unearths your online presence for recruiters. What shocks me though is that for a large number of Facebook profiles, the services of Social Media Corp are not required. Most users have lax security settings meaning you can browse through their entire profile, pictures and all.

You do not need to ‘friend’ them, all you have to do is log onto facebook and their entire private lives are in front of you. I have seen this trendy with not so tech savvy late adopters.

How about the regular cleaning up that we often do, deleting a file here and there. Well be it an email, a facebook post or on your hard drive. With the right tools, it can all be retrieved.

Deleting a file or post only means that, you can no longer see the post or the space that data originally occupied is available for a new data.

In conclusion all that we have ever shared online, publicly or in privacy is so no longer in our hands and if it is on the wrong hands might come back to haunt us.


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