Top 10 Movie body count

Shoot them up bang bang. Sadly that is the plot of one too many movies. Ever wondered though which movie has the highest body count. Someone with plenty of time (hopefully it was of academic interest) has bothered to count and created top 10 movie body count

10. Where Eagles Dare (1968) – Body Count 73

9. Kill Bill Volume 1 (2003) – Body Count 76

8. Blade 2 (2002) – Body Count 77

7. A better tomorrow (1987) – Body Count 78

6. Commando (1988) – Body Count 81

5. Rambo (2008) – Body Count 88

4. Hot Shots (1993) – Body Count 103
3. Equilibrum (2002) – Body Count 118

2. Shoot ’em up (2007) – Body Count 141

1. Lone Wolf and Pub: White heaven in hell (1974) – Body Count 150

I am surprised that hardcore martial arts movies didn’t make it onto the list. You know the type in which a guy is fighting 20 people and they jump around in a circle waiting for him to beat them up. Best of all the ones in which the main actor is a sharp shooter and can dodge machine gun fire.


One Comment on “Top 10 Movie body count”

  1. taureanw says:

    Never even heard of the #1 movie. Might have to check it out just due to this 🙂

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