Blackberries most popular amongst South Africa’s youth.

According to a study by London-based research firm MobileYouth one in two students in South Africa wants a Blackberry.

The appeal is simple, making phone calls is so out of vogue. It’s all about social media, facebook and mxit.

The report also stated that seven out of ten students are already using a smartphone, and in the next year 15 million young South Africans will be using smartphones.

This changes the ball game for marketing executives. Facebook and mixit is the place to find today’s youth, not in front of the television.

This poses a big question for parents, kids today are a google click away from the most offensive material you can ever imagine and they are carrying it about with them.

As for the smartphone competition, Blackberry and Apple have powerful brands that the youth pine for. Blackberry wins in this regard because of it’s relatively cheap entry level Blackberry Curve. For R59 a month you have internet service through BIS.

With the number of Apps at it’s disposal the Android system will soon be making a dent on the South African smartphone scene.

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One Comment on “Blackberries most popular amongst South Africa’s youth.”

  1. Talitha says:

    I would like to know why we in South Africa cant get the Blackberry Style? Its awesome and no one stocks it??

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