Carlos Tevez submits transfer request

You can tell the level of football morality and loyalty that a player has by the clubs he moves between.

I am always weary of players who between say, Tottenham and Arsenal, Everton and Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City.

One such transgressor, Carlos Tevez is proving to be a thorn on his new employer’s back side. The Manchester City captain has submitted a transfer request for the second time in 7 months.

The reasons, to be close to his daughters in Argentina. I know each family has it’s own dynamics but I would imagine imagine being the highest paid footballer in the Premier League, £250 000 per week would make it easier to be closer to your daughters by putting them on a plane plus wife estranged or not.

I have admired Tevez for his work rate on the pitch, but what a lack of ambition, City qualified for the Champions League and though they are not my cup of tea, these coming season if not this one, they will be a force to contend with.

City cannot cry that loud though, it’s like enticing your neighbour’s wife to leave him for you, then crying foul when she skips your fence.


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