Durban IOC 2011 Section – In South Africa we take cultural diversity for granted



Watching the opening ceremony of the IOC Durban 2011 currently live on SABC it came to me just how diverse South Africa is, and how often we fail to appreciate this as a blessing.

We often hear about the rainbow nation but never take a minute to embrace it. Instead we dwell on such political trivia as the ‘kill the boer’ song.

In many places across the world people see people of a different race or culture only on television. All we have to do is pop around to the corner shop and go to work, there we are interacting, laughing and fighting with people from a culture totally different from ours.

I felt joy when I saw Zulu and Indian dancers sharing the stage in the opening performance. What a work of it and how apt, these are two cultures that call both call Durban home.

The world would a boring place if we all were similar, had the same culture and manners. About time that we realised that a rainbow with only one colour wouldn’t be visible, we would simply call it the sky.

Our cultural diversity amongst other intricacies makes us stand out, and most of all it is there to be savored not devoured or buried under political rubble.

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