Gael Clichy joins Manchester City, Samir Nasri and Fabregas set to leave Arsenal

Arsenal are more Sir Alan Sugar than Richard Branson, it’s not that they lack ambition, they are not as flamboyant in pursuing it. If they were a car more Maserati than Ferrari.

I have always been of the view that owning a sporting business must be great, you actually having massive crowds cheering you to win and to profit. The flip side though is that as profitable as you are, you need to please the crowds for the money to keep coming in.

On the face of it Arsenal have a superb business model, get youngsters, nature them to superstardom with brilliant football on the pitch, with only Barcelona exhibiting better flowing football, albeit with no results.

The problems comes with Arsenal playing feeder team. This players are then sold on for huge profits. Suits the boardroom if the profits are coming in but people on the stands expect trophies.

Alex Ferguson won the Premier league with kids, but those get grew with Manchester United going on to win the treble in 1999 with a few reinforcements along the way.

On Monday Gael Clichy concluded a move to Manchester City for £7 million. Cesc Fabregas seems certain to join Barcelona and Samir Nasri is definitely on his way out.


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