Turning a failing idea into success, how twitter helped Komverse.com succeed

Kevin Minott a Chicago based 3D artist and tech enthusiast. When he joined twitter in 2008 he was in the process of creating a website that aggregated news through RSS feeds.

He aimed to build a site around people sharing their thoughts on news articles. Frustrations with technical issues led him to abandon the project.

Soon after he discovered Twitterfeed, hooked up his rss feeds to feed onto tweeter. Abandoned twitter for a while, returning later to find his profile popular with people congregating around his twitter account.

He spruced up his profile, changed his profile picture to give it a human feel. At the time he wrote his blog post ‘how i accidentally got 15 000 followers’ he was celebrating 15 000 followers, he is now nearing 18 000 followers.

What I love most about his story is that he maneuvered a flawed idea into a successful one.

An important feature of twitter is it’s use as a news aggregation site. Personally I have used digg before, useful as it is for breaking news, it does not beat the speed of twitter, diggs mobile site is not helping either, a blackberry app might win me over, for news on the go.

Twitter also turned out to be a good bookmarking tool for articles and news articles that I want to return to or blog about. Of course I end up interacting with friends and people with similar interests to mine.

Follow @KevinMinott and me @sanimoyo on twitter.


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