Appalling service at ABSA bank’s Braamfontein branch

Considering today’s high banking costs one would at least expect a respectable level of service.

From what I gathered from those complaining around me in the snaking queue ABSA is garnering a reputation when it comes to poor customer service.

To give you the picture, the queue was nearing the door, only one teller was working. One teller through a lack of thinking outside her given set of instructions was dealing for 30 minutes with a customer who was either difficult or had a rather complicated transaction. He should have simply been pulled aside.

One teller was on the phone, in vernacular in what was clearly a long and personal call. What else would a bank teller be on the phone for, it’s not like there was a customer she was helping by her station.

Complaints were ignored, this was akin to standing at a gorvenment department where the attitude is you need our services, no matter how slack we are you will wait in line.

All people wanted was for the workers to do their work, and if all were working for someone to have a word with us as is the case in other banks. Growing calls for where is the floor or branch manager went ignored.

ABSA encourages us to use its card to pay for services, so imagine my dismay when I couldn’t swipe my card to make a deposit into another ABSA account, a service Standard Bank customers have the privilege of having.

I recently signed up for ABSA rewards a programme through which I am supposed to earn cash rewards for shopping at ABSA reward partners. Despite doing all my shopping at Shoprite for the specific goal of earning some money back, nothing. I stupidly pay R20 a month for the service.

On the subject of ABSA why are their ATMs so loud, they are literally announcing the stages of your transactions to passer-bys. They appear so outdated I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the first bank to install ATMs in South Africa and have never updated them since.

My sms notification used to work like a charm, now it only shows ATM withdrawals. I wonder if I am still paying for this service when I do any transaction even if I don’t receive an sms.

I bank with ABSA because I liked that they are part of the Barclays group, a respectable brand. I just expect the same level of service that I received when I signed up for my account.


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