TKN870GP Silver BMW gang causing havoc

Police are investigating reports of a silver 3-series BMW allegedly implicated in brazen hijackings and armed robberies in Johannesburg suburbs.

The car with tinted windows and the registration plate TKN870GP, was linked to a four-month crime spree by three or four men in the city’s suburbs.

Following their victims from shopping centres, incidents involving the car have been reported in Northcliff, Mulbarton, Glenvista, Glenanda, Little Falls, Rosebank and Lenasia.

Shockingly the gang doesn’t seem to have a care in the world brazenly returning to the house from which they hijacked the BMW. This time they stole jewelry. An absurd case of ‘customer’ loyalty I guess.


2 Comments on “TKN870GP Silver BMW gang causing havoc”

  1. Anono says:

    If these guys did not have Police connections they would have been arrested a long time ago

  2. Sani Moyo says:

    If they r not the police

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