Nonhle Thema a bit of a tweet

If used properly social media can do a lot to enhance your brand. It takes ages to build a brand, but it can take a single tweet to destroy it or in the case of Nonhle Thema a series of tweets despite numerous articles warning her of her detrimental behavior.

Now I have never understood why people are fans of models, reality tv stars and such. I can understand a teenage boy gawking at a Playboy playmate but cheering for Adriana Lima as pretty as she is, as she walks down the ramp, not my cup of tea.

Despite merely being a TV presenter and a model Nonhle Thema has gathered quite a gathering. In of shining in the spotlight she has taken to twitter to rant about how awesome she is and how she has made tons of money.

Sorry but that is an utter lack of class. If you are star let your fans tell you and soak in the compliments. Talking about money, well only rappers can get away with that, for a purpose too, to plug products and that.

People like Nonhle Thema should hire a brand manager to run their social media campaigns because there seems to be nothing else beyond the beauty, a fact she should have kept secret from the rest of us.

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