South Africa Broadband Price wars

Broadband access is something that shouldn’t be put a dent in your pocket and there’s good news for South African consumers. We are finally moving to first world broadband prices.

In response to Telkom’s mobile arm, 8ta, introducing a broadband special offering 10GB of data a month for R199 on a 24-month contract, MTN has slashed it’s broadband prices.

It has cut the price of its Uncapped Lite product from R749/month to R299/month and its Broadband Uncapped Pro from R1 999 to R899. are subject to a fair-use policy of 3GB and 10GB respectively.

Once the 3GB and or 10GB fair-use limit has been reached, the connection speed will be reduced to 128kbit/s for the remainder of the month. Users will still be able to access the Internet and download content, it will just take a bit longer.

Rival Vodacom is strongly rumoured to be planning to announce new, lower data prices soon. If only Walmart offered broadband.


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