Online Marketing – one plus one equals three, no two

It can be said on anything factual that has ever been formulated or written. From Isaac Newton’s theories of classical gravity to on the face of it completed economic theories coming out of Harvard. It’s all common sense.

I had a rather philosophic bus journey from Germiston into Johannesburg and couldn’t help correlating what I saw in the car sales shops with what I know from online marketing.

When designing your web site or a banner make sure the font is the right size and contracts well with its background. Basics. Most of these car yards have big placards, prices and marketing jargon clearly visible. Surprisingly though a number of them had tiny placards you would’ve to lean over the bonnet to read.

Bear in mind these places are far from being from being a Harrods. They are not the if you ask the price then you can’t afford it. The price is their major selling point.

Prime location, main road frontage all thrown to waste. Online you can have the best content, the best products at a prime location on the first page of google’s search results. If you miss that one simple basic, presentation, it all goes to waste. Reminds me of those buy my ebook sites, top notch SEO, appalling generic presentation.

In the middle of the Johannesburg CBD I got a better understanding of the here is a freebie, it will entice you to give us more business, marketing model.

For R4 (cents in $) thrown into a jug I watched the best free sketch show ever by a group of Zimbabwean comedians called ‘Omkhula’. Value for money yes, but after seeing their performance I walked off with all 4 of their DVDs.

Back in the day, I used to be a fan of the now defunct News of the World paper. Annoyingly till the last edition their online edition was only available for a fee. Not even a read a snippet then pay for me. They got away with it because of the then great brand I guess.

It did not entice me to subscribe though, same news would be on other sites on Monday. If they had wetted my appetite with a snippet, who knows?

Their intelligence is not only exhibited in their comedy but in their business acumen as well. Some of the routines are clearly a buy our dvd call, click here, but are still in context of their offering, comedy.

A free DVD here, money to this one, after ripping him apart though, exhibited that human touch that online folk hide behind html code and jigging graphics.

A simple picture on twitter makes a big difference to whether I listen to what a brand has to offer or not. Say something funny once in a while. I don’t want to interact with a brand as a brand.

That’s why we skip adverts with Tivo, Sky+ or DSTV PVR. Speaking of adverts, the Checkers advert, ‘Will changing your supermarket change the world? No, but it will change the way you live in it.’ Now that’s advertising. Will pop into a Checkers next time I pass one, just for that.

On the opposite end, reminds me of an advert on British television. It was an advert, advertising a television set, and how colour it has. If I could see the colours on my TV set then why buy that one.

Ever realised how mundane it is to follow someone on Twitter who only posts boring personal details. Oh but it’s exciting to know that Wayne Rooney is having fun in the French Riviera. That’s called the power of celebrity. The same reason they are paid millions to endorse products.

If you are not celebrity and want to use Twitter effectively to garner an audience for your brand keep the boring tweets to yourself. Balance though, do not just sell, sell, sell.

You get paid a lot or that business you are marketing is worth something to you so think and just use some common sense.

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