The Manchester humbled Arsenal

The good old days. Patrick Viera and Roy Keane would size each other up. Thierry Henry would give Gary Neville the runaround. Ruud van Nistelrooy would tap it in. Pizza would be lovingly shared in the Old Trafford match after the match, oh the good old days.

Chelsea were that club that once had Zola and them retiring Italians, Manchester City, simply the other club from Manchester.

Fast forward to today and Arsenal were bullied by Manchester United. Not bullied the way Bolton used to kick and shove them, no passing 8 goals past them.

Here are some quotes from The Telegraph’s live commentary. Hilarious.

“Perhaps you’ve spent the day outdoors. Perhaps you’ve spent it at a wedding or a bar-mitzvah or a festival or whatever. Perhaps it’s already Monday morning and you’re just catching up on the afternoon’s football.

If you’re an Arsenal fan, I suggest you read this live blog backwards. You start with a horrific numerical disadvantage but, with the help of an extra man who arrives midway through the first half, you battle heroically back for a 0-0 draw. ”

“I mean, proper, big-ass cripes. What on earth have we just witnessed there? I’m struggling to process it, and I get paid to use words.”

“If I were to admit that this entire live blog had been a joke, at what point do you reckon I started making things up? Sorry, Arsenal fans. You really are losing eight-two. ”

“Honestly, 7-2! What is this, the 1930s?”

“There’s something really quite weird about this. Arsenal don’t look like they’re not trying; clearly they’re trying. But United are just walking around them like they’re a park team.”


Slums, Shacks and the people who live in them.

Indian slums, the Brazilian favela and the South African shacks. Plagues of the emerging world. Stark reminders as you drive by in your shiny brand new car that the country you live in has a majority barely crippling about the poverty line.

There is more than meets the eye though. Those are not mere ant hills, in a way actually their are, in that their inhabitants are preoccupied mainly with survival, totally devoid of the luxury of luxuries.

Sadly whenever I think of shacks the first word that comes to my mind is crime. I am scared of shack dwellers. Is this a justifiable fear?

My guilt ridden conscience wants to believe it is merely a stereotype. Shack dwellers are people like you and me. Their only distinguishing feature being that their unfortunate not to afford anything more than corrugated iron to build their shelter.

The snob in me wants to raise my nose at these seemingly ill mannered pollutant squatters. No doubt the kids I see playing about will grow up, only to hijack me. My mind yells, ‘get off your back side, get an RDP house and send your kids to a non paying school.’

The humanitarian in me sees people in need of help. A toilet there and clean water would vastly improve these people’s lives. A tiny school would move a kid from here to Sandton. Look at that gentleman’s entrepreneurial skills, admirable zeal but dismal profit margins.

My eyes see headlines of people killed. My ears hear of women raped and left for dead. Shootings in shacks.

The real me, the whole of me is left still in wonder of the shack dwellers, definitely in fear and no wonder, tomorrow I will be oblivious to these very same shacks.

Blackberry Protect

I will be the first to admit it, I can’t bear the thought of losing my phone. It’s well, not exactly my all, but it sure does my everything.

I have been looking at a few security apps but unfortunately they come at a price. Fortunately RIM has come to the rescue, a free blackberry security app, ‘Blackberry Protect’.

On Blackberry Protect you can backup your data, contacts, memos, text messages and all except for media and third part apps. Should you lose your Blackberry you can log onto their web site and voila you get it’s location, and can make it go beep beep if you are nearby. You can also display a return to message on its screen.

Blackberry Protect can be found on the the Blackberry App World, is free and we are lucky here in South Africa, with my Vodacom BIS, they were no extra download and backup charges.

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Twitter and that thing called Social Media

Twitter is like riding a bike. Once you know the ins,outs and have mastered a couple of tricks you can tweet yourself to success. Wrong!

Twitter is more an airplane. No matter the pilot’s skill and experience, a single mistake can be ‘fatal’.

A single word out of place can turn out to be a Public Relations nightmare. What makes matters worse, engineers are constantly altering the plane to such an extent that you can truly master it.

My voice,my image, my twitter accounts, my blog my cv. It donned on me that a sizable part of my audience are CEOs of South African media or marketing companies that I want to work for.

A tweet, 140 characters, is easy to perfect. Bear in mind though there is the tone, mood, and creativity to consider. You also have to tease your followers into replying, creating that ‘engagement’ that everyone is on about. It suddenly becomes a whole different ball game.

My blog on the other hand, there is this thing called proof reading which not really easy to do if you are blogging from a phone.

I do hope that prospective employers and clients notice that I can ‘write’, and if I had the luxury of being asked to turn out a good report or blog post in 5 hours, it would indeed be good copy.

Speaking about the strange workings of social media. For years I have been trying to get blog traffic from news aggregation communities like Digg and Stumbleupon.

I managed to get a couple of items on Digg’s front page, but they were not my own. My surprise when with no effort on my part, I noticed that I was getting traffic from stumbleupon. Good things come with time, if only patience lasted that long.

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London Riots Viral Olympics 2012 logo

It’s always interesting hearing a specialist analysis of just about anything. It’s a specialist for crying out loud so our gullibility levels kick into high gear.

In most cases they are right, in some well, what they say, can be justified but at times they are just way off the mark.

Take the recent London riots for instance. True most of the rioters were from the fringes of lower class council house dwellers. Most likely unemployed, ill mannered bitter gold wearing youth.

But placing the economy and class as the reason for the riots. Not really, the media can well be the media but items that were reported as being looted were, sneakers, beer and flatscreen televisions.

Not a case of rioting for survival then, how about of, you have got it, so should we, most likely.

To me the reason for the riots comes from the movie, ‘Green Street Hooligans’. It’s all about the buzz!

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Pilot and Stewardess had sex in the cockpit

Why is the driving room of an airplane called a cockpit? Appears it is aptly named.

In what could have been straight from a porn screenplay (if they have that) a pilot and a stewardess were fired after pictures of them engaged in oral sex in the cockpit appeared in print and online.

Cathay Pacific the Hong Kong airline that employed the two stressed that the incidence did not occur while the plane was airborne.

According to Chinese newspaper reports, the pilot protested that he and the flight attendant are a couple and that the pictures were downloaded from his personal computer without his knowledge.

South African News on Twitter

Been working on a small project to place South African news on twitter.

The number of ‘mentions’ and ‘retweets’ mean I am being of service, my pleasure.

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