London Riots Viral Olympics 2012 logo

It’s always interesting hearing a specialist analysis of just about anything. It’s a specialist for crying out loud so our gullibility levels kick into high gear.

In most cases they are right, in some well, what they say, can be justified but at times they are just way off the mark.

Take the recent London riots for instance. True most of the rioters were from the fringes of lower class council house dwellers. Most likely unemployed, ill mannered bitter gold wearing youth.

But placing the economy and class as the reason for the riots. Not really, the media can well be the media but items that were reported as being looted were, sneakers, beer and flatscreen televisions.

Not a case of rioting for survival then, how about of, you have got it, so should we, most likely.

To me the reason for the riots comes from the movie, ‘Green Street Hooligans’. It’s all about the buzz!

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