Twitter and that thing called Social Media

Twitter is like riding a bike. Once you know the ins,outs and have mastered a couple of tricks you can tweet yourself to success. Wrong!

Twitter is more an airplane. No matter the pilot’s skill and experience, a single mistake can be ‘fatal’.

A single word out of place can turn out to be a Public Relations nightmare. What makes matters worse, engineers are constantly altering the plane to such an extent that you can truly master it.

My voice,my image, my twitter accounts, my blog my cv. It donned on me that a sizable part of my audience are CEOs of South African media or marketing companies that I want to work for.

A tweet, 140 characters, is easy to perfect. Bear in mind though there is the tone, mood, and creativity to consider. You also have to tease your followers into replying, creating that ‘engagement’ that everyone is on about. It suddenly becomes a whole different ball game.

My blog on the other hand, there is this thing called proof reading which not really easy to do if you are blogging from a phone.

I do hope that prospective employers and clients notice that I can ‘write’, and if I had the luxury of being asked to turn out a good report or blog post in 5 hours, it would indeed be good copy.

Speaking about the strange workings of social media. For years I have been trying to get blog traffic from news aggregation communities like Digg and Stumbleupon.

I managed to get a couple of items on Digg’s front page, but they were not my own. My surprise when with no effort on my part, I noticed that I was getting traffic from stumbleupon. Good things come with time, if only patience lasted that long.

Contact me via tweet @sanimoyo or @jozitweet. Just in case you are that CEO person, to my skills add SEO and web design.


One Comment on “Twitter and that thing called Social Media”

  1. Yep, so true. One mistake and your credibility or reputation becomes questionable. Blogging from the phone can be a headache. I still prefer a laptop or desktop, easier to read, much user friendly for uploading pics. I do use my phone for reading and making comments though, which is convenient and quick. Your a cool guy with so much ideas to share. Keep it up.

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