Blackberry Protect

I will be the first to admit it, I can’t bear the thought of losing my phone. It’s well, not exactly my all, but it sure does my everything.

I have been looking at a few security apps but unfortunately they come at a price. Fortunately RIM has come to the rescue, a free blackberry security app, ‘Blackberry Protect’.

On Blackberry Protect you can backup your data, contacts, memos, text messages and all except for media and third part apps. Should you lose your Blackberry you can log onto their web site and voila you get it’s location, and can make it go beep beep if you are nearby. You can also display a return to message on its screen.

Blackberry Protect can be found on the the Blackberry App World, is free and we are lucky here in South Africa, with my Vodacom BIS, they were no extra download and backup charges.

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