The Manchester humbled Arsenal

The good old days. Patrick Viera and Roy Keane would size each other up. Thierry Henry would give Gary Neville the runaround. Ruud van Nistelrooy would tap it in. Pizza would be lovingly shared in the Old Trafford match after the match, oh the good old days.

Chelsea were that club that once had Zola and them retiring Italians, Manchester City, simply the other club from Manchester.

Fast forward to today and Arsenal were bullied by Manchester United. Not bullied the way Bolton used to kick and shove them, no passing 8 goals past them.

Here are some quotes from The Telegraph’s live commentary. Hilarious.

“Perhaps you’ve spent the day outdoors. Perhaps you’ve spent it at a wedding or a bar-mitzvah or a festival or whatever. Perhaps it’s already Monday morning and you’re just catching up on the afternoon’s football.

If you’re an Arsenal fan, I suggest you read this live blog backwards. You start with a horrific numerical disadvantage but, with the help of an extra man who arrives midway through the first half, you battle heroically back for a 0-0 draw. ”

“I mean, proper, big-ass cripes. What on earth have we just witnessed there? I’m struggling to process it, and I get paid to use words.”

“If I were to admit that this entire live blog had been a joke, at what point do you reckon I started making things up? Sorry, Arsenal fans. You really are losing eight-two. ”

“Honestly, 7-2! What is this, the 1930s?”

“There’s something really quite weird about this. Arsenal don’t look like they’re not trying; clearly they’re trying. But United are just walking around them like they’re a park team.”


One Comment on “The Manchester humbled Arsenal”

  1. That’s one cool post. It speaks of a writer who is passionate about the sport. Intense!

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