Win a car with Whoopee (South Africa)

Whoopee are giving away a brand new Ford Figo if you sign up (for free) as a member on their web site. Now that’s definitely easier than playing the lotto, with far better odds. You can find more information on their Facebook Page.

According to their web site Whoopee has the best South African Service Providers at discounted rates. Also a good site to give your business exposure if you sign up as a Service Provider.

A nice touch is that the Service Providers (plumbers, electricians, panel beaters) are grouped per area. Members earn loyalty points which they can redeem on Whoopee’s online store. You can follow Whoopee on Twitter @whoopeeZA .

Ford Figo

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Fenton the Dog Viral Video

A smartphone clip of a man walking through London’s Richmond Park has become an online hit after his pet Labrador called “Fenton” took more than a passing interest in the park’s wildlife.

25 Worst Internet Passwords

internet password

SplashData, an American password management data application, has come up with the 25 Worst Internet Passwords of 2011. Topping the list is well ‘password’, who still uses that?


Here is the complete list:

1. password

2. 123456


4. qwerty

5. abc123

6. monkey

7. 1234567

8. letmein

9. trustno1

10. dragon

11. baseball

12. 111111

13. iloveyou

14. master

15. sunshine

16. ashley

17. bailey

18. passw0rd

19. shadow

20. 123123

21. 654321

22. superman

23. qazwsx

24. michael

25. football

Here are tips on how to avoid How to Avoid Password Hacking.

Tech Cartoons

For some reason I seem to be on a cartoon Frenzy, here is one more set courtest of PX Software’s Facebook Page.

iPhone Cartoons

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Alex Ferguson’s Class of 92 then and now

Whether you love Manchester United or not, there is no doubt The Knight in a red track suit rules.

Congratulations to Alex Ferguson on his 25th anniversary steering the Red Ship. It’s been a rough ride, football can be painful but it’s far outweighed by the joy and glory.

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Blackberry Cartoons

blackberry cartoon

blackberry cartoon

blackberry cartoon

blackberry cartoon

blackberry cartoon

More of these cartoons can be found on Berryfix’s Facebook Page. Their page is worth liking if you own a Blackberry.