Great Viral Marketing Campaigns Infographic

That awesome feeling when your marketing campaign goes viral. Here is an infographic to give you an idea where to start, add creativity and a bit of luck and you will be on your way.


Best Spam Message Ever

They mostly are annoying, but at times you get a spam message that just makes you laugh. It’s most likely a variant of the Nigerian 419 scam, the language is priceless:

Permanent position is opened.
Reputable corporation works in software marketing for a long period.
In 2012 the company springs out our interest in the region of the United States and we want to reputable workers in United States.
Anyone concerned can apply for our agent position.

This position is available for you if:
– Your age: 18+
– You have Desire to work with our group.
– You are residing in the region of the United States.

No relocation required!
Those who are concerned – email us back.
Thank you for your attention.”

Instagram’s Road to $1 Billion (Infographic)

by visually. Browse more data visualizations.


The Power of Pinterest Infographic

I’m getting hooked on infographics, but there is no better way to present or consume information. Pinterest is making waves, no doubt, this infographic shows what it is that people do with their pinning and how it helps brands.

The risk with all these new marketing avenues is the risk of spreading thin, but if they drive traffic to your web site who is to complain. Join me on Twitter @sanimoyo, @jozitweet for South African news, @bigbentweets for British news and @offsidetweet for footie news.

Pinterest infographic

Computers to Supercomputers Infographic

An infographic on Supercomputers via Technobuffalo.

Computers to Supercomputers infographic

Facebook Down

Facebook is down. You never know the importance of something since you don’t have it. What’s are the reasons, is it just us here in the office? Is it Anonymous? It would be great news if it was Anonymous. For some reason it would be great news if it was Anonymous.

Google+ Infographic

A look into Google+‘s 65 million users:

Google Plus Infographic

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