Best Spam Message Ever

They mostly are annoying, but at times you get a spam message that just makes you laugh. It’s most likely a variant of the Nigerian 419 scam, the language is priceless:

Permanent position is opened.
Reputable corporation works in software marketing for a long period.
In 2012 the company springs out our interest in the region of the United States and we want to reputable workers in United States.
Anyone concerned can apply for our agent position.

This position is available for you if:
– Your age: 18+
– You have Desire to work with our group.
– You are residing in the region of the United States.

No relocation required!
Those who are concerned – email us back.
Thank you for your attention.”


Fenton the Dog Viral Video

A smartphone clip of a man walking through London’s Richmond Park has become an online hit after his pet Labrador called “Fenton” took more than a passing interest in the park’s wildlife.

Blackberry Cartoons

blackberry cartoon

blackberry cartoon

blackberry cartoon

blackberry cartoon

blackberry cartoon

More of these cartoons can be found on Berryfix’s Facebook Page. Their page is worth liking if you own a Blackberry.

Only in South Africa

A machine sent to South Africa without instructions perhaps, nonetheless a really funny video.

Products made unintentionally hilariously offensive by careless sticker placements

Funny Signs from around the world

Signs from around the world. Living, rather upright proof that pictures say the darndest things.

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Cheerful Web Site Series 3 – YouIdiot funny pictures of Utter Stupidity

Continuing with our cheerful web site series. Today we look at YouIdiot. YouIdiot is a collection of funny user submitted pictures and videos showing people at the peak of idiocy.

Here are some sample pictures. What better way to start your day. We all need a giggle. Remember if you are on the lookout for quality web hosting, take a look at my South African Web hosting review.