MegaUpload the impounded Assets in Pictures

Following the DoJ indictment, the Organised and Financial Crime Agency of New Zealand arrested MegaUpload founder Kim Schmitz (aka Kim Dotcom), CMO Finn Batato, co-founder and CTO Mathias Ortmann and others.

Here is some photographic proof of the fact that the seized cars carried license plates that said things like ‘MAFIA’, ‘HACKER’, ‘STONED’, ‘V’ (for Vendetta?), ‘KIM COM’, ‘CEO’ and ‘POLICE’. ‘POLICE’  now that’s classic.

MegaUpload Seized Cars

MegaUpload Seized Cars

MegaUpload Seized Cars

MegaUpload Seized Cars

MegaUpload Seized Cars

MegaUpload Seized Cars

MegaUpload Seized Cars


iPhone 4s in South Africa

The iPhone 4S has landed on our shores. iRepairs one of the best Apple dealers in South Africa have it in stock. You can interact with them on twitter @irepairssa or on Facebook.

iPhone 4S


Win a car with Whoopee (South Africa)

Whoopee are giving away a brand new Ford Figo if you sign up (for free) as a member on their web site. Now that’s definitely easier than playing the lotto, with far better odds. You can find more information on their Facebook Page.

According to their web site Whoopee has the best South African Service Providers at discounted rates. Also a good site to give your business exposure if you sign up as a Service Provider.

A nice touch is that the Service Providers (plumbers, electricians, panel beaters) are grouped per area. Members earn loyalty points which they can redeem on Whoopee’s online store. You can follow Whoopee on Twitter @whoopeeZA .

Ford Figo

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Thomas Hoepker’s Controvesial 9/11 picture

A picture is worth a thousand words. Interestingly it’s not the equivalence of a specific phrase or list of words.

Take for instance Thomas Hoepker’s controversial picture that he took on 9/11. In the photograph a group of New Yorkers sit chatting in the sun in a park in Brooklyn. Behind them, across brilliant blue water, in an azure sky, a terrible cloud of smoke and dust rises above Manhattan from the place where the two towers were struck by hijacked airliners.

Is it a picture of the modern world (purposeful avoiding using America), in which we have absolutely no care with what is happening outside our personal space.

Is it an image of humans winning one over terrorism, refusing to allow a couple of mad men from ruining their day.

Like any good work of art it is up to the observer to take whatever they want or perceive from it.

Where I would like to draw the line though is the amount of criticism that has been directed towards the subjects of the picture. In my opinion Thomas Hoepker did a good job of capturing a good photographic second.

We’ll never know what happened just before and after the picture was taken. Was the girl depicted lounging in the sun, screaming in shock before settling into that position for a brief moment?

To me it remains a good work of art, albeit one that raises loads of questions about humanity in the 21st century.

Dark Moon – a novel by Maggie Tideswell

I am the kind of person who always finishes what I ……Ok I do finish what I start but one thing that seems elusive is writing more than 3 pages of a novel. Trust me those 3 pages are a masterpiece that Charles Dickens would have been proud to eh…..wipe his glasses with.

That is the reason why I respect and take pride when a fellow South African accomplishes what most of us can only dream of.

In ‘Dark Moon’ Maggie Tideswell has achieved such a feat. Published by All Things That Matter Press, Dark Moon is a novel about the ways of emotional and physical manipulation, power and love.

Watch the trailer at the top of this post, visit her blog and follow her on twitter @lunamags.

Let’s help spread the word, blog, tweet, facebook and tell the world about Maggie Tideswell’s ‘Dark Moon’.

Win a Hed Kandi VIP Experience with Phoenix Software

Win a Hed Kandi VIP experience with Phoenix Software. The prize is a VIP table for 10 at Arena Royale in Johannesburg or The Fez in Cape Town. Accompaniments are a bottle of vodka, champagne and whiskey to party the night away.

To enter all you have do is to refer the most people to like Phoenix Software’s Facebook page.

Get started by liking Phoenix Software on Facebook and filling in a simple form with your contact details.

The Manchester humbled Arsenal

The good old days. Patrick Viera and Roy Keane would size each other up. Thierry Henry would give Gary Neville the runaround. Ruud van Nistelrooy would tap it in. Pizza would be lovingly shared in the Old Trafford match after the match, oh the good old days.

Chelsea were that club that once had Zola and them retiring Italians, Manchester City, simply the other club from Manchester.

Fast forward to today and Arsenal were bullied by Manchester United. Not bullied the way Bolton used to kick and shove them, no passing 8 goals past them.

Here are some quotes from The Telegraph’s live commentary. Hilarious.

“Perhaps you’ve spent the day outdoors. Perhaps you’ve spent it at a wedding or a bar-mitzvah or a festival or whatever. Perhaps it’s already Monday morning and you’re just catching up on the afternoon’s football.

If you’re an Arsenal fan, I suggest you read this live blog backwards. You start with a horrific numerical disadvantage but, with the help of an extra man who arrives midway through the first half, you battle heroically back for a 0-0 draw. ”

“I mean, proper, big-ass cripes. What on earth have we just witnessed there? I’m struggling to process it, and I get paid to use words.”

“If I were to admit that this entire live blog had been a joke, at what point do you reckon I started making things up? Sorry, Arsenal fans. You really are losing eight-two. ”

“Honestly, 7-2! What is this, the 1930s?”

“There’s something really quite weird about this. Arsenal don’t look like they’re not trying; clearly they’re trying. But United are just walking around them like they’re a park team.”