A ‘tendency’ to be fascinated by Julius Malema

You need to be a genius to understand Julius Malema, that said I am not a genius.

Here is a guy who is in cahoots with Robert Mugabe, calling for nationalization and land grabs. Any surprises. Malema that experiment has already been carried out in Zimbabwe and the results are too dire to be worthy of any mention.

They are many things that confound me about South African politics. Why does a Communist (SACP) party have a say within the ruling party. For all that the Soviets did to help Africans attain independence, socialism was a failed experiment that should be archived in history books.

Back to Julius Malema, at least the ruling elite seem to be putting the top dog back in his kennel, hopefully not to their detriment.

Zuma said during his address at the Cosatu central committee meeting in Midrand, “There is a huge tendency of relying on the media to discuss matters that historically would have been discussed internally first.” There is that word again ‘tendency’.

Cosatu president Sdumo Dlamini said the fact that about 400000 young people did not proceed with their studies after writing matric every year, meant they were “vulnerable to demagogues because they were unemployed”.

You see Julius Malema’s power stems from the fact that they are millions of unemployed vunerable youths who are unemployed and face a bleak future.

Militancy and firebrand speeches though serving Malema are not the solution. It is easy to use words to please a crowd but detrimental if the actions called for result in the death of an economy, just ask Robert.

Instead engage the private sector, make conditions suitable for external investment. Ask Trevor Noah, don’t chase away the white people Julius, “They have the money.”

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