Instagram’s Road to $1 Billion (Infographic)

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Facebook Down

Facebook is down. You never know the importance of something since you don’t have it. What’s are the reasons, is it just us here in the office? Is it Anonymous? It would be great news if it was Anonymous. For some reason it would be great news if it was Anonymous.

Win a car with Whoopee (South Africa)

Whoopee are giving away a brand new Ford Figo if you sign up (for free) as a member on their web site. Now that’s definitely easier than playing the lotto, with far better odds. You can find more information on their Facebook Page.

According to their web site Whoopee has the best South African Service Providers at discounted rates. Also a good site to give your business exposure if you sign up as a Service Provider.

A nice touch is that the Service Providers (plumbers, electricians, panel beaters) are grouped per area. Members earn loyalty points which they can redeem on Whoopee’s online store. You can follow Whoopee on Twitter @whoopeeZA .

Ford Figo

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Win a Hed Kandi VIP Experience with Phoenix Software

Win a Hed Kandi VIP experience with Phoenix Software. The prize is a VIP table for 10 at Arena Royale in Johannesburg or The Fez in Cape Town. Accompaniments are a bottle of vodka, champagne and whiskey to party the night away.

To enter all you have do is to refer the most people to like Phoenix Software’s Facebook page.

Get started by liking Phoenix Software on Facebook and filling in a simple form with your contact details.

Social Media Records

There are two types of social media users. The unassuming user, connecting with friends and the world, for whom the platforms were intended for in the first place. Then there is us, who being bracketed in the first column also look at these swarms of people and see tons of business and brand building just waiting to be tapped.

Loads of people have achieved tons of success on social media platforms. I am aware that numbers are not the all and be all, but they do mean that these brands and people are communicating their ideals to a larger audience.

Here are the Guinness Social Media records as of the 29th of June 2011.

Most likes on a Facebook page

The most “likes” on a Facebook page is 47,194,601, achieved by Facebook, on 29 June 2011, by ah Facebook’s own page.

Facebook usurped Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker page, which now stands in second place with 45.78 million likes. Also in the top 5 the top 5 are the official pages for rapper Eminem (42.05 million likes), video-sharing site YouTube (40.44 million likes), and pop artist Lady Gaga (39.49 million likes).

Most likes on a Facebook page in 24 hours

The most “likes” on a Facebook page in 24 hours 1,571,16 set by snack company Frito-Lay (USA) on 11-12 April 2011.

Most comments on a Facebook item

The most comments on a single Facebook item stands at 529,335, in response to a post made on 10 January 2011 on the Facebook page for Roberto Esposito (Italy).

Most likes on a Facebook item

The most likes on a Facebook item is 668,198, in response to a post made on 15 February 2011, on the official page for US rapper Lil Wayne.

Fastest Time to reach 1 million followers on Twitter

The fastest time to reach 1 million followers on Twitter is 25 hours 17 minutes, achieved by Charlie Sheen (USA) between 1-2 March 2011.

Most followers on Twitter

Lady Gaga, had more than 11,259,372 Twitter followers of her @ladygaga Twitter feed as of 29 June 2011. Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber is the second most followed Twitter user, with 10,646,695 followers.

Most viewed video online

Justin Bieber’s video for “Baby”, directed by Ray Kay (Norway), is not only the top music video on YouTube but the most viewed video online of any kind. As of 29 June 2011, the pop video had 575,118,703 views on YouTube. That is more than half a billion.

Lady Gaga comes second, with her “Bad Romance” video having accrued 392,750,021 views on YouTube.

Most “liked” video online

The most “liked” video on YouTube is Judson Laipply’s “Evolution of Dance”, with 759,563 “likes” as of 29 June 2011. This video is also one of the most viewed on Youtube with 175,664,814 views to date.

Most “disliked video online

The most “disliked” video on YouTube is the music video for Justin Bieber’s (Canada) “Baby”, with 1,490,076 “dislikes” as of 29 June 2011. The more who love you, the more who will hate you.

Most content ingested by an online video service

The most content ingested by an online video service is an average of 70.49 hours per minute, achieved by Ustream, as verified on 29 June 2011.

Signs you are addicted to social media

From the days of HI5 to today’s Facebook and now Google+ there is no doubt, social media is here and there. If you are not part of it you are left behind. It’s like having a black and white television set.

Here are the signs you are not using but are addicted to social media:

The pictures you take are not for “memories” but rather updating your social networking profiles.

You compulsively refresh your social network page or load it every time you open a new browser window.

You spend more time conversing with your online friends than you do with your own family.

You take a few seconds to turn everything into a status update.

You’ve been suckered into using those spam applications that hypothetically tell you who views your profiles.

You spend hours a day playing Facebook games.

You forgot how to spell simple 3 letter words like “you” which you now write as “u”.

When you hear a joke in person, you say “lol” instead of actually laughing out loud.

You’re holding on to that MySpace or Friendster account, just in case, you know, it gets popular again.

You are constantly putting an “@” symbol in front of someone’s name, whether in an email, on a forum, or even writing by hand.

Wn u bgn to type like ths:

You go to the mall for an hour and come home with 10 new blog ideas.

You randomly “poke” coworkers on your way to the restroom.

You wish people would quit sending you so many emails and just send you a 140 character tweet.

When you meet someone new, you give them a link to your twitter account instead of your phone number/email address. That said follow me on twitter @sanimoyo.

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MySpace founder speaks on facebooks success

You set a business, you are miles away from your competitors. A short distance away a college student chirps away at his computer building something that will grow to dwarf your mega giant.

This was the situation MySpace co founder Tom Anderson faced with the growth of facebook to be the dominant social network site.

Tom Anderson described how he choked when facebook realised his vision for social media.

News Corporation recently sold MySpace to advertising agency Specific Media and Justin Timberlake for $35 million, having paid $580 million to co-founders Anderson and Chris DeWolfe for the formerly most popular social network in 2005.

At it’s height MySpace had 73.6 million users in October 2008, a number that has since dwindled to to 35 million according to the latest figures from ComScore, which tracks the market.

On the other hand facebook is understood to have 600 million registered users.