Google+ Infographic

A look into Google+‘s 65 million users:

Google Plus Infographic

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Google Revenue Infographic

In 2010 Google’s Revenue was $29.3 billion, that is more than the combined revenue of the world’s poorest 29 countries. Interestingly despite numberous additions to Google’s product portfolio, 97% of their revenue still comes from adverts, yap all those ‘ads by google’ that pop up alongside search engine results and across the web.

Google Behind The Numbers

Gmail’s new look to match Google+

Google has been busy this week. It took the tech world by storm with Google+ (it’s answer to facebook, forget Orkut), freshened up the user interface of Google Calendar and just unleashed a new design for Gmail.

Here is Scobleizer’s take on whyon why your mother will not use google+. In brief only us geeks will get to enjoy its features, that is if we get to move from other social platforms in the first place.

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