The Power of Pinterest Infographic

I’m getting hooked on infographics, but there is no better way to present or consume information. Pinterest is making waves, no doubt, this infographic shows what it is that people do with their pinning and how it helps brands.

The risk with all these new marketing avenues is the risk of spreading thin, but if they drive traffic to your web site who is to complain. Join me on Twitter @sanimoyo, @jozitweet for South African news, @bigbentweets for British news and @offsidetweet for footie news.

Pinterest infographic


Twitter and that thing called Social Media

Twitter is like riding a bike. Once you know the ins,outs and have mastered a couple of tricks you can tweet yourself to success. Wrong!

Twitter is more an airplane. No matter the pilot’s skill and experience, a single mistake can be ‘fatal’.

A single word out of place can turn out to be a Public Relations nightmare. What makes matters worse, engineers are constantly altering the plane to such an extent that you can truly master it.

My voice,my image, my twitter accounts, my blog my cv. It donned on me that a sizable part of my audience are CEOs of South African media or marketing companies that I want to work for.

A tweet, 140 characters, is easy to perfect. Bear in mind though there is the tone, mood, and creativity to consider. You also have to tease your followers into replying, creating that ‘engagement’ that everyone is on about. It suddenly becomes a whole different ball game.

My blog on the other hand, there is this thing called proof reading which not really easy to do if you are blogging from a phone.

I do hope that prospective employers and clients notice that I can ‘write’, and if I had the luxury of being asked to turn out a good report or blog post in 5 hours, it would indeed be good copy.

Speaking about the strange workings of social media. For years I have been trying to get blog traffic from news aggregation communities like Digg and Stumbleupon.

I managed to get a couple of items on Digg’s front page, but they were not my own. My surprise when with no effort on my part, I noticed that I was getting traffic from stumbleupon. Good things come with time, if only patience lasted that long.

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Online Marketing – one plus one equals three, no two

It can be said on anything factual that has ever been formulated or written. From Isaac Newton’s theories of classical gravity to on the face of it completed economic theories coming out of Harvard. It’s all common sense.

I had a rather philosophic bus journey from Germiston into Johannesburg and couldn’t help correlating what I saw in the car sales shops with what I know from online marketing.

When designing your web site or a banner make sure the font is the right size and contracts well with its background. Basics. Most of these car yards have big placards, prices and marketing jargon clearly visible. Surprisingly though a number of them had tiny placards you would’ve to lean over the bonnet to read.

Bear in mind these places are far from being from being a Harrods. They are not the if you ask the price then you can’t afford it. The price is their major selling point.

Prime location, main road frontage all thrown to waste. Online you can have the best content, the best products at a prime location on the first page of google’s search results. If you miss that one simple basic, presentation, it all goes to waste. Reminds me of those buy my ebook sites, top notch SEO, appalling generic presentation.

In the middle of the Johannesburg CBD I got a better understanding of the here is a freebie, it will entice you to give us more business, marketing model.

For R4 (cents in $) thrown into a jug I watched the best free sketch show ever by a group of Zimbabwean comedians called ‘Omkhula’. Value for money yes, but after seeing their performance I walked off with all 4 of their DVDs.

Back in the day, I used to be a fan of the now defunct News of the World paper. Annoyingly till the last edition their online edition was only available for a fee. Not even a read a snippet then pay for me. They got away with it because of the then great brand I guess.

It did not entice me to subscribe though, same news would be on other sites on Monday. If they had wetted my appetite with a snippet, who knows?

Their intelligence is not only exhibited in their comedy but in their business acumen as well. Some of the routines are clearly a buy our dvd call, click here, but are still in context of their offering, comedy.

A free DVD here, money to this one, after ripping him apart though, exhibited that human touch that online folk hide behind html code and jigging graphics.

A simple picture on twitter makes a big difference to whether I listen to what a brand has to offer or not. Say something funny once in a while. I don’t want to interact with a brand as a brand.

That’s why we skip adverts with Tivo, Sky+ or DSTV PVR. Speaking of adverts, the Checkers advert, ‘Will changing your supermarket change the world? No, but it will change the way you live in it.’ Now that’s advertising. Will pop into a Checkers next time I pass one, just for that.

On the opposite end, reminds me of an advert on British television. It was an advert, advertising a television set, and how colour it has. If I could see the colours on my TV set then why buy that one.

Ever realised how mundane it is to follow someone on Twitter who only posts boring personal details. Oh but it’s exciting to know that Wayne Rooney is having fun in the French Riviera. That’s called the power of celebrity. The same reason they are paid millions to endorse products.

If you are not celebrity and want to use Twitter effectively to garner an audience for your brand keep the boring tweets to yourself. Balance though, do not just sell, sell, sell.

You get paid a lot or that business you are marketing is worth something to you so think and just use some common sense.

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Social Media Records

There are two types of social media users. The unassuming user, connecting with friends and the world, for whom the platforms were intended for in the first place. Then there is us, who being bracketed in the first column also look at these swarms of people and see tons of business and brand building just waiting to be tapped.

Loads of people have achieved tons of success on social media platforms. I am aware that numbers are not the all and be all, but they do mean that these brands and people are communicating their ideals to a larger audience.

Here are the Guinness Social Media records as of the 29th of June 2011.

Most likes on a Facebook page

The most “likes” on a Facebook page is 47,194,601, achieved by Facebook, on 29 June 2011, by ah Facebook’s own page.

Facebook usurped Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker page, which now stands in second place with 45.78 million likes. Also in the top 5 the top 5 are the official pages for rapper Eminem (42.05 million likes), video-sharing site YouTube (40.44 million likes), and pop artist Lady Gaga (39.49 million likes).

Most likes on a Facebook page in 24 hours

The most “likes” on a Facebook page in 24 hours 1,571,16 set by snack company Frito-Lay (USA) on 11-12 April 2011.

Most comments on a Facebook item

The most comments on a single Facebook item stands at 529,335, in response to a post made on 10 January 2011 on the Facebook page for Roberto Esposito (Italy).

Most likes on a Facebook item

The most likes on a Facebook item is 668,198, in response to a post made on 15 February 2011, on the official page for US rapper Lil Wayne.

Fastest Time to reach 1 million followers on Twitter

The fastest time to reach 1 million followers on Twitter is 25 hours 17 minutes, achieved by Charlie Sheen (USA) between 1-2 March 2011.

Most followers on Twitter

Lady Gaga, had more than 11,259,372 Twitter followers of her @ladygaga Twitter feed as of 29 June 2011. Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber is the second most followed Twitter user, with 10,646,695 followers.

Most viewed video online

Justin Bieber’s video for “Baby”, directed by Ray Kay (Norway), is not only the top music video on YouTube but the most viewed video online of any kind. As of 29 June 2011, the pop video had 575,118,703 views on YouTube. That is more than half a billion.

Lady Gaga comes second, with her “Bad Romance” video having accrued 392,750,021 views on YouTube.

Most “liked” video online

The most “liked” video on YouTube is Judson Laipply’s “Evolution of Dance”, with 759,563 “likes” as of 29 June 2011. This video is also one of the most viewed on Youtube with 175,664,814 views to date.

Most “disliked video online

The most “disliked” video on YouTube is the music video for Justin Bieber’s (Canada) “Baby”, with 1,490,076 “dislikes” as of 29 June 2011. The more who love you, the more who will hate you.

Most content ingested by an online video service

The most content ingested by an online video service is an average of 70.49 hours per minute, achieved by Ustream, as verified on 29 June 2011.

Nonhle Thema a bit of a tweet

If used properly social media can do a lot to enhance your brand. It takes ages to build a brand, but it can take a single tweet to destroy it or in the case of Nonhle Thema a series of tweets despite numerous articles warning her of her detrimental behavior.

Now I have never understood why people are fans of models, reality tv stars and such. I can understand a teenage boy gawking at a Playboy playmate but cheering for Adriana Lima as pretty as she is, as she walks down the ramp, not my cup of tea.

Despite merely being a TV presenter and a model Nonhle Thema has gathered quite a gathering. In of shining in the spotlight she has taken to twitter to rant about how awesome she is and how she has made tons of money.

Sorry but that is an utter lack of class. If you are star let your fans tell you and soak in the compliments. Talking about money, well only rappers can get away with that, for a purpose too, to plug products and that.

People like Nonhle Thema should hire a brand manager to run their social media campaigns because there seems to be nothing else beyond the beauty, a fact she should have kept secret from the rest of us.

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Tips to prevent your online accounts from being hacked

Earlier this week, Fox news twitter account was embarrassingly hacked. Hackers used the account to post disturbing and untrue messages stating that President Barack Obama had been shot and killed.

Sure online anything can be hacked, back in the day I was in the habit. All I would do was ask someone their mother’s maiden name, first school they went to and their pets first name. These were the 3 questions Yahoo asked you if you wanted to change your password. Not so technical but it worked.

Here are 5 tips on how to protect your online account:

1. Ditch the obvious passwords.
Do not use simple words, throw in a capital letter and a number or two. Bilingual? Use another language. The Fox News twitter hackers used what is called a dictionary hack, simply put an automated long list of words that are used to gain access to an account.

2. Limit access to your accounts.
Passwords to accounts should only be a need to have basis.

3. Log off from mobile devices.
As handy as they are, mobile devices can be easily stolen or lost. If it is too much of a hassle as I do, have a program or app installed that enables you to wipe your phone’s hard drive if you lose it.

4. Change passwords often.
We often don’t change passwords because we are used to them, and memorizing a new one takes some time, but it is worth the option, at least once every 3 months.

5. Keep an eye on your accounts.
Any comments you didn’t write, people receiving messages that you didn’t send, then you have been hacked. Every reputable site has a system for you to claim back your account.

Signs you are addicted to social media

From the days of HI5 to today’s Facebook and now Google+ there is no doubt, social media is here and there. If you are not part of it you are left behind. It’s like having a black and white television set.

Here are the signs you are not using but are addicted to social media:

The pictures you take are not for “memories” but rather updating your social networking profiles.

You compulsively refresh your social network page or load it every time you open a new browser window.

You spend more time conversing with your online friends than you do with your own family.

You take a few seconds to turn everything into a status update.

You’ve been suckered into using those spam applications that hypothetically tell you who views your profiles.

You spend hours a day playing Facebook games.

You forgot how to spell simple 3 letter words like “you” which you now write as “u”.

When you hear a joke in person, you say “lol” instead of actually laughing out loud.

You’re holding on to that MySpace or Friendster account, just in case, you know, it gets popular again.

You are constantly putting an “@” symbol in front of someone’s name, whether in an email, on a forum, or even writing by hand.

Wn u bgn to type like ths:

You go to the mall for an hour and come home with 10 new blog ideas.

You randomly “poke” coworkers on your way to the restroom.

You wish people would quit sending you so many emails and just send you a 140 character tweet.

When you meet someone new, you give them a link to your twitter account instead of your phone number/email address. That said follow me on twitter @sanimoyo.

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